Have you ever found yourself trying to solve a problem within your business or lifestyle by ADDING something to the equation? Perhaps one’s initial thoughts when solving a problem would be, “there must be something missing… what’s the missing piece to this equation?”.


  • A lack in revenue…. “perhaps I should add on more products or services?”
  • A lack in efficiency… “perhaps I should add on more staff?”
  • A lack of general happiness…. “perhaps I should go shopping?”
  • A feeling of loneliness… “perhaps I need more friends?”
  • A feeling of running out of space… “perhaps I need a bigger home/place of work?”
  • A feeling of not good enough… “perhaps I need better gear/technology/skills”

What if though, you actually already have all the ingredients you need and the answer to the problem is glaring you straight in the eye – SUBTRACTION.

In a study by the University of Virginia that was recently highlighted on CBC, they stated that out of 1,585 participants when given a puzzle to solve where they could either add or subtract, the majority chose addition.

We are conditioned in society that MORE is BETTER. That MORE will make us HAPPIER – that anything less than MORE must mean we are going backwards and therefore we constantly feed into this idea that the answer to all our problems lies in addition.

What problem are you facing right now where subtraction could be the answer? After a long history of turning to addition before subtraction, I know now that in order for true, sustainable, thoughtful growth – subtraction must play a key role in all of my decisions!

I know that for myself and for many I’ve worked with, when one turns to subtraction a light bulb seems to go off above the head… “how did I not see this clear answer all along?”?! Shoulders drop, the forehead relaxes, and a soft smile falls across the face… “I know the answer – this feels right”.

What would you do if you knew that from subtraction came growth? That from subtraction you will find your answer?


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