Multipotentialites in Business


Do you often find yourself jumping from one pursuit to another? Opening one business while dreaming of the next?

Do you find that you are quite skilled at many things but get bored easily, especially as you come to get quite good at something?

Do you have a multitude of talents and curiosities?

Do you learn quickly and adapt quite easily to any situation you are thrown into?

Have you always struggled with finding your, “one true calling”?

Chances are you are, what is termed a, “multipotentialite”.

By definition, a multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do. (Wikipedia)

In Emily Wapnick’s TedTalk on Multipotentialites she notes how being a multipotentialite in our society is frowned upon as we are cultured to believe that we all need to find our one pursuit in life, the THING we are known for, the THING that we do. She notes how finding that “one thing” is highly romanticized in our culture and encourages viewers to, “ask yourself where you learned to assign the word wrong or abnormal to doing many things”.

When I first heard the term, “multipotentialite” a lightbulb went off over my head – YEP that’s me! I’ve finally found an identity that not only categorizes me but also encourages the way I operate.

It turns out that multipotentialites make amazing entrepreneurs… the challenge is keeping them focussed and interested long enough to create a sustainable way of life. So quickly, they get good at what they do, reach a sticking point and then need to move onto something else.

I thought I would do a blog post on this subject to help shine a light on this way of being that perhaps you’ve long considered a “problem”. When really, it is the way we comprehend and view this superpower that is often the problem.

Here are 5 ways I have harnessed my superpower as a multipotentialte to create a sustainable business:

  1. Keep pursuits in motion – don’t feel like you have to stop one thing to pursue another. They can walk beside each other without having to walk hand-in-hand. My two businesses (EJP and WW) are the perfect example of this.

2. Learn how to intersect your interests and curiosities – just because something interests you, it doesn’t mean it’s a good business to pursue nor should become part of your regular marketing. HOWEVER, it might be a nice “bonus” for your clients to enjoy from time to time! For ex. A floral farmer that has a curiosity to grow potatoes. It might not make business sense to start a whole new business around growing potatoes, but every Spring this floral farmer might throw in a week of marketing potato sales along with spring florals!

3. Hold yourself accountable – I would have to say that for me, this is the only way I am still in business. Holding myself accountable to something has made it so I can’t give up to move on to something else. It has forced me to grow and evolve and fall in love with the process and all the different ways I could evolve the business in front of me. My biggest accountability has been my rent. Each month, no matter what – that rent has to be paid. Therefore, I can’t be scattered – everything has to be intentionally moving the business as a whole forward. I’m so grateful to my rent for getting my business to where it is at today!

4. Evolve what’s in front of you – Have you really thought about all that is possible right now for the business you have? Does it make sense to have different divisions of one business? Does it make sense to bring someone on so you can keep growing the business perhaps in new and exciting directions? What is in front of you right now is the most powerful… so much celebration happens around NEW things, new businesses opening etc. The REAL testament is having a business for years and years that continues to feel new and exciting for all who get to experience it! If you are a multipotentialite, I know you have the ability to do this! You don’t have to start over to REFRESH what is in front of you.

5. Find ways to adapt that serves you – Ok so you have an “itch”… something that you have to do. Can it be a hobby you pursue? Can you offer it as community service? Can you offer it as a service under your current model? Can you offer it as something on the side? For me, I have a passion for opening businesses… I’ve started 4 of my own now and I knew that if I didn’t find an outlet, or a way to harness that energy – it could hurt everything I’ve worked so hard for – hello business coaching. Now all that energy and brain power goes into serving other people’s businesses – hello blog – and cures the thirst I have for igniting new business!

6. Fill the seats at your table with people who inspire you – Chances are you could be getting bored in your pursuits as you aren’t around people who are inspiring you to “go bigger” or evolve into something that excites you. Growth in business doesn’t have to mean financially. It could mean growing in a way that excites, serves, and inspires both you and your clients. If you want to talk about sustaining yourself in business – evolution is the key… far moreso than monetary growth alone, even though the two will often go hand in hand!

Multipotentialites in Business

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