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Introduction: Asha and I met during a photoshoot where she was celebrating her 60th birthday. This birthday was extra special for her as it was a time to solidify all that she had overcome and accomplished in her life as well as turn to new and exciting ventures she had underway!  She left me with a gift of some masala packs from her spice business, Ashi’s Rasoi and both my husband and I were blown away with how simple and delicious her dishes were!  Getting to know of Asha’s story this past year, I knew I wanted to feature her on the blog!

Welcome Asha and thank you for being in the spotlight for SHE!

Emily: Asha, I would love for you to tell the readers a bit about how you ended up in Vanderhoof, BC from India…

Asha: At a young age met my loving husband, Tawinder, and moved across the oceans to settle in the small town of Vanderhoof BC. Where he was already residing.

Emily: What are 5 words that best describe your personality?
Asha: Passionate, positive, kind, loving and caring.

Emily: Where did you get your love of cooking? How did it turn into a business?
Asha: By observing my loving mom, a great and very talented cook, she cooked without any recipes creating amazing and delicious authentic Indian dishes. She also believed in healthy home cooked meals. Thus, the love of home cooking was passed on to me.

Emily: What excites you most about your business, Ashi’s Rasoi?
Asha: Sharing my culture and heritage with others through food. Getting positive feedback from customers that how much they love to cook using our products with, easy to follow recipe and enjoying authentic Indian food prepared by them in comfort of their homes with their families.

Emily: Give us an idea of the size of your business and how much time a week you devote to it…
Asha: At present it’s a small home base business. Team of just the two of us, me and my Sous chef my husband, together we spend on an average of about 25-30 hours each in a week.

Emily: What are 2 dreams you have with the business?
Asha: Growing our company by marketing our products on a larger scale in the near future. Once I officially decide to retire hoping one or both of our son’s together who are also amazing cooks taking over the company and continuing the business by keeping it in the family and pass down the company through generations.

Asha and Tawinder with their two sons, and their families.
Asha’s grandson. Chef in the making!

Emily: What has been your greatest obstacle that you have had to overcome in your business?
Asha: So far so good. Although each day is a learning experience.

Emily: In terms of lifestyle, what are some of the most important things to you and how do you make them a priority?
Asha: Healthy lifestyle is a priority to me. I take the time out in a day to workout, go for long walks each day of the week allowing one day off a week for relaxing. Also believe in cooking at home fresh meals most days and treating by going out once in a while. Following 80-20 rule, 80% eating healthy and 20% not so healthy lol.

Emily: If you could tell another woman who is thinking about starting a business later in life, what would you say?
Asha: Age is just a number. It’s never too late to start If you have a passion follow by working hard turn into business if you choose to. Always believe in yourself chase your dreams and never give up. I’m chasing mine!

Emily: What is next for your life and business? What excites you?
Asha: Once the company is grown to where I would like it to be, then take it easy by handing it over to our son’s. Although sky is the limit. Cheers

To place an order for Asha’s DELICIOUS and easy to cook masala packs and recipes check out her website below:


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SHE Spotlight – Asha Dhak

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  1. Kamlesh says:

    Beautiful interview ASha hope you reach your dreams and grow more then your dreams . God bless you love of love. Kamlesh

  2. Prashant says:

    You are such an inspiration. Respect 🙏

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