Next Level Business Program


Starting April 1st I will be guiding a new, small group of passionate entrepreneurs through 10 weeks of business coaching. This will be my 6th time running this program and it comes at a time when business is both fragile but also incredibly opportunistic!

I thought I would share a bit about Next Level here, for those who haven’t been following this part of my world over the past few years!


  • 10 weeks (once per week) of virtual, live online group coaching over my webinar platform. Interactive, fun, informative, and engaging. The perfect way to build relationships and accountability within the group whilst developing your own unique business.
  • Online access to my Next Level Business Course. Complimentary to the 10 week coaching, this course helps to navigate entrepreneurs through the 4 part stages I take to helping people leverage their business; Clarity, Numbers, Marketing, Systems.
  • Course Workbook Download. Complimentary to the course comes a downloadable 70+ page workbook that we use throughout the program + coaching to help develop the perfect plan to your success.
  • Focused private group on Facebook to ask questions and continue the coaching and group sharing experience.
  • First access to one-on-one coaching, yearly results training with other Next Level graduates, and credit towards a business portfolio photoshoot.


#1 šŸ’• first and foremost… I’m in the game, right alongside you. As you know, I have two businesses on the go and am a constant student of business. Helping other entrepreneurs is one of my greatest sources of joy and being in the game allows me a unique lens onto the blocks and struggles others are going through. When you succeed, I get to soak in that excitement with you and there is nothing better!

#2 šŸ’• I keep the groups small… unlike many business coaching programs that fill hundreds of seats, I want to make sure I can communicate with each person I work with and that each person feels like they have had sufficient time to feel heard, understood, and helped. RESULTS for me are important.

#3 šŸ’• I specialize with creative entrepreneurs. Business coaching can feel very “nuts and bolts” at times, but I know that to get results for a creative entrepreneur, the process needs some magic, some beauty, and some fun. I do my very best to make sure that you NEVER want to miss out on time together or the next chapter of your program.

From now until March 14th, I will be hosting consultations for business owners who are looking to up their game. I’m not the right coach for everyone, therefore it is important to me to make sure that we are the right fit before you start this process!

To set up a consultation call, please email me at

Next Level Business Program

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