Paying Off Debt is Sexy


Paying off debt is sexy.

I said it, you read it…now you’re hooked for the rest 😉

We are in a society that encourages consumerism around every corner.

Consumerism is wrapped in a pair of leather pants you can’t take your eyes off – It’s celebrated, fun, “in”, and yes, “sexy” beyond words. There is a romance to spending money on things even when we can’t afford it, as it gives us instant gratification as well as a borrowed sense of identity.

What if we were to make paying off debt, “sexy”? What if every time you put money down on that beast of borrowed money, you did a dance in your kitchen to celebrate? What if being debt free was the sexiest thing a person could set their eyes on? The first place your surplus went? What if you identified as a person who was free of debt?

It’s all in how we look at it, in how we think about it, in how we value it, in how we attach ourselves and our identity to it. As Dave Ramsey states, “If you live like no one else now, later you can live like no one else.”

One of the best books that I have read on tackling debt and building out a plan for wealth that works, is Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover”.

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Paying Off Debt is Sexy

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