Making of The Wedding Way


To say that this past year has been a year of innovation would be pretty accurate. We’ve been pivoting around every corner like many business owners. Some corners have lead to dead ends and others have proven to be very beneficial!

Alisha and I have put our heads together numerous times to figure out how to leverage our little bridal boutique in the new world we are facing. And not just during a pandemic, but the shifted world we will experience after.

One of those ideas was to take the idea of a bridal expo/wedding fair and rethink it into something that is more inspirational and informative, that would be impactful for any bride-to-be or someone looking to plan a vow renewal/celebration of partnership.

Over a grand series of text messages one evening in November, Alisha and I formulated the foundation of our idea. We knew what we wanted our audience to get out of an online bridal event and what it would look like, but we were having a hard time bringing it all together into one beautiful package, tied with a bow, and understandable to someone who has never attended an online experience (much better than all the zoom calls we’ve all been on!)!

We decided to bring on Tahnee with The Strategy Studio and Julia with Luminous Lines Creative who have helped me on numerous projects including SHE. These two ladies took what was in our brains, and build it out into one simple and beautiful, easy to understand and beautifully branded event, “The Wedding Way”.

Of course, a beautiful brand requires beautiful imagery. With a 2021 Lookbook shoot hot off the press, we decided to utilize this imagery to promote the event. We had SO MUCH FUN bringing together this group of local women to model our dresses during an interesting, Covid friendly photoshoot!

As our boutique serves brides from all over BC and into Alberta, we wanted to create an event that felt as inclusive as possible to all of these areas! Therefore we decided to source speakers from all over BC and a couple from Alberta, as well as vendors for a special experience box for VIP ticket holders.

Alisha’s role over the past couple of months has been heavy into sourcing the right speakers for the event as well as beautiful items for the experience box. Making sure that we had proper representation from the speakers to the experience box, as well as fresh and insightful views on the stage for The Wedding Way.

Above all, we want to make sure that people leave this event completely inspired with the latest ideas, trends, and unique perceptions on creating the most special day. Our speakers have A LOT to do with this and we are beyond excited for the line up! Alisha has done an amazing job, preparing all the speakers so that they are on their A-game for the event!

My role has been largely in the overarching way of bringing all the pieces, ideas, people, vision, marketing and timeline together so that the idea moves from conception to reality. I’ve been a part of many creations of events over the past few years and they are not easy by any fraction of thought. However, the more I do them, the more I am able to think ahead in order to plan the steps to getting to the final destination.

Our goals for creating this event for THE BUSINESS was trifold:

  1. To gain more awareness for our business and brand across BC and into parts of Alberta to help with increasing future bookings of brides.
  2. To promote and move sample gowns from our stock that have come to the end of their journey at White Willow.
  3. To do something good for our audience and fellow entrepreneurs during these difficult times, which in turn always comes back in a positive way on the business and in business relationships.

We are so very excited to be hosting The Wedding Way, live from White Willow Bridal Boutique on March 21st! If you have someone in your life that might love to be a part of this special day, they can access tickets here:

Making of The Wedding Way

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