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Something fun to share with those who love a good bag!

First off, this is not some affiliate post to get you to buy things at my benefit… this is just me sharing some cute and practical bags with you that I love, all for the sake of sharing!

When I became pregnant with Hazel, one of the first purchases I was looking for were diaper bags that didn’t look like diaper bags… I have nothing against diaper bags, but I really wanted something that I could use afterwards! Anyone who knows me knows that I buy things like this once in a blue moon, so if I’m going to buy a bag, it has to last me long-time! After some research I decided I would make the leap into buying from Fawn Design ( ).

The Original Fawn Bag in Grey and The Weekender in Blush

I’m a bit of a pack mule when it comes to going to the studio for work as I’m usually bringing clothes from home for my clients, my camera gear, notebooks, my wallet, food, and goodness knows what else! I’ve been on the hunt for a really nice bag for my work, that I could also use personally on occasion, and low & behold I came across it while also searching for a diaper bag!

This blush bag (which comes in a multitude of colors) is SERIOUSLY the BEST BAG for any professional who has to carry lots of things to and from work each day! It has lots of different little compartments around the edge that keeps things organized, as well as pockets throughout the outside to hold your phone, keys, mail etc. It is also the perfect size for what will hopefully soon be a weekend getaway! The British girl in me is slightly obsessed with their plaid version of this bag and I may just have to snag it while their 30% off sale is still on!

For all the working mommas with little ones out there, I’ve been really happy with the Original Fawn Bag (I also got the changing mat and diaper holder). It’s durable, looks nice, and has a big “lid” so you can easily see what you need to grab inside! It also converts from a shoulder bag into a backpack which is really handy.

I chose Grey for this bag as I knew Mark would be carrying it around more!

As I mentioned before, Fawn Design has a 30% off season end special right now if you have been in the market for a great bag (or two!).

Happy packing 🙂

Emily Jane

Work/Life Bags

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