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2020 and White Willow…


We’ve come across many hurdles in 2020, as I’m sure most of you have! Let me bring you behind the scenes into what we’ve been battling within our bridal boutique in 2020. Spoiler… it’s been a beautiful year despite the hurdles!

Hurdle number one arrived as a massive one… we had entered into a renovation of the studio/boutique to be able to operate with a) more efficiency and b) more beauty within our space. It just so happened that this renovation was in full swing as our business closed down (White Willow was operating out of the studio next door). Cash flow came to a screaming halt as it did for many around us… the silver lining was that we were already prepared for this pause in business on our photography side, just not from the boutique! We forged ahead with just several breakdown moments, wondering if this might all be for nothing…

Our studio/boutique in March 2020

Hurdle number two arrived in April when we had to decide whether or not to invest in new dresses for the 2021 season (we are required to purchase so many new dresses a year to stay carrying our designers – this is one of the largest price tags on operating a bridal boutique year after year)… with absolutely zero clue as to what Covid would mean for our future business, if weddings would even be allowed to go ahead, if our designers would be able to stay afloat…we made the decision to invest… with still, little to no revenue coming in… deep breath….forge on.

Hurdle number three arrived in May when I found out that my employee and her family were sadly making a move to southern BC to be situation closer to family. This of course was more sadness than a hurdle as she had became part of the soul of White Willow as well as such a good friend to me! In the end, I was so happy to see them make the new leap! The silver lining is that Candace lives very near to my family now in the Okanagan!

When June came along, the sun came out, the dust came off, the doors opened and the masks went on. It was beyond incredible to watch all the faces light up as they walked into our freshly renovated boutique/studio. We were met with such positivity, thankfulness and joy from all the brides who could finally be out again and on the hunt for their perfect dress.

White Willow Boutique, June 2020

In August, a lovely and talented new team member joined White Willow! Alisha, made her start with the boutique and seamlessly navigated running the ship throughout the final weeks of my pregnancy and there forward. We’re incredibly excited to see where Alisha’s creativity and smarts take the boutique in 2021! Welcome Alisha!

Alisha Joined WW in September 2020

Our 2021 dresses have been the most amazing addition to the boutique (we are so happy we invested again!). We have welcomed so many incredible brides that have made all of the challenges to forge ahead worth it.

This winter will be a bit of an unknown, but what I do know is that once this pandemic clears, there will be lots of love all around! This year more than ever, I appreciate simplicity, friendships, surrounding myself in beauty/love and truly meaningful things – I’m so happy that White Willow has survived the storm of 2020.

Below are some some sneak peek images of our 2021 “Lookbook” for White Willow taken with some serious social distancing measures in place! We will be releasing this lookbook in January to celebrate the start of a new year and also to announce something special we have in the works!

Dresses/Boutique: White Willow Bridal Boutique

Models: Nakisha Bauer, Veronica Milburn, Frieda Edel, Leila Depenau, Alisha Heffernan, Pearl Leorke

Makeup & Hair: The Powder Room

Florals: Something Blue Floral

Photography: Emily Jane Photography

2020 and White Willow…

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