Out There & Introverted


Are you an introvert? Do you worry that being introverted is holding you back? Do you see others putting themselves “out there” in ways that would keep you up for nights on end if that were you?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. And being introverted won’t hold you back as long as you stay focussed on one thing…


Did you just sigh with relief? Introverts love to be of service but yet sometimes we are blocked in this department.

For many introverts they are more comfortable being on the receiving end of conversation, they want to plan the party but not attend it (thank you Andrea Legault for that analogy!!), they want to showcase others but stay behind the curtain themselves, they love to give!

However let me tell you this… sharing your views, sharing parts of what make you YOU, sharing your story, your life, your creations, your FACE, IS in fact being of service. Why? Because within all of these things is a common humanity that others are so longing for.

Think, how can sharing this be of service to others? How can I put myself or my work out there in a way that gives others something?


Will it give them courage?
Will it lift them up?
Will it be insightful?
Will it inspire them?
Will it teach them something?
Will it help them to understand me better?
Will it help them to understand my products or services better?
Will it connect them to something I find valuable?

Find what feels in alignment with your true self and have faith it is what others need from you!

Out There & Introverted

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