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Momma Brain & Normalcy


Real talk… Momma brain and “normalcy”… yesterday I found myself in the middle of consultations, struggling to put sentences together. Like cells in my brain had actually been fried. Luckily I was with some lovely mommas yesterday who all very much understood!

Mark and I were out on a walk when I was about 7 months pregnant when we came across a young family. The husband noticed I was pregnant and with such joy and care on his face said … “congratulations! I want to both hug you and cry for you.”…. I now understand what he meant 😂

Our days are filled with this beautiful new life and watching her grow and change is such a gift. The days are also spent clinging to some form of normalcy to find a sense of grounding and stability amongst the irregular schedule of a newborn…

My work has actually helped me immensely with this. For a few hours a day I get to return my brain to what it knows, to the familiar, to talking with adults – be it slightly challenging at times to form sentences, it’s been the best medicine for me at this stage (I can certainly appreciate this is not for everyone especially depending on the type of work you have).

I’ve been told numerous times “I can’t believe you’re working again already”… let me tell you, it’s not out of strength that I am, it’s actually out of necessity for the person that I am to return to that outlet for a few hours, even when I don’t “have to”.

I think a lot can be said for honouring the foundations of stability and normalcy we create for ourselves during times of chaos. Be it through activity, calls to loved ones, a shower each morning, prepping a meal, or through work – “normal” is there to be leaned on

Momma Brain & Normalcy

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