“It’s too expensive…”


“It’s too expensive…”

I know you’ve sat with this sentence before, dissecting every emotion that can attach itself to it.

Firstly, be sure to define whether this comment is coming from someone who truly desires what you have to offer but just can’t afford it right now vs someone who says you are too expensive from a standpoint where they don’t see/understand the value.

We also need to recognize that for some people, what you offer is just not for them no matter how valuable they can appreciate it being for someone else.

I can appreciate why some people spend thousands of dollars on shoes or purses, but to me I just can’t find the value there, as hard as I look or try to understand!

You’ve also got to remember that we can’t expect people to understand our industry like we do… we MUST educate!

For many customers, “value” is easy to see. For others, value must be understood. Just because someone does not see your value, does not mean it is not there – it might just mean you aren’t educating your audience properly. It could also mean you aren’t SHOWCASING the value properly.

We can’t expect our audience to understand the inner workings of our business, nor what it has taken to be able to deliver the products and services we offer. Therefore it is up to us to showcase and educate value so that when it comes time to sell, the price point makes sense.

Here are five ways we showcase and demonstrate value within our businesses:

1 – Showing behind the scenes and all that goes into the work we do
2 – Investing into a beautiful space that highlights the importance and specialness of a client’s purchase
3 – Our communication and verbage style
4 – A detailed consultation or description going through the process and experience
5 – Quality sourced final products

“It’s too expensive…”

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