Hello November


A little gift from our family to yours to sweeten these dark days that are setting in and also honor the time of year that is Remembrance Day. “Great Grandma Whiley’s” chocolate cake recipe was developed during World War II from a humble little kitchen tucked away in a cobblestone house amongst the Cotswalds in England. Sugar had been rationed and therefore for sweeter, she turned to “treacle” – in Canada it is what we know as “syrup”. 
I was a bit apprehensive of what a chocolate cake would be like that had no sugar but was very surprised! Instead of icing, she made a “filler” using treacle but I honestly can’t do chocolate cake without buttercream icing so that part was my own doing in the photos!  If you want to know my recipe for buttercream icing… I take a dollop of marg, several cups of icing sugar, a little vanilla, and a good tablespoon of coco powder and mix them together until it tastes right!!! One of these days I’ll measure that out for you!
Recipes have a way of bringing those loved ones past back into a room. I hope you plan for special moments with your loved ones recipes this winter.

Hello November

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