Progress Over Perfection


When it comes to women and the drive for perfection, I could write a novel. “Perfection” is pushed down our throats in every which way – from how we look, to how we act, to how well we behave, to what we put out into the world, to what we say, how we dress, how we present on social media.. Etc etc etc.

Perfection is this idea that something must be completely without fault in order to be deserving, in order to be seen, in order to be “in the game”.
How many times have you caught yourself stewing over whether something is good enough? How long have you spent mulling over decisions about things that are so small no one would even notice? How many times have you put off something another week just so you can look it all over again one last time? What is it that we are actually afraid of here?

I myself am also guilty of this, however there have been things in my life and business that have forced me to move past perfection into a state of progress and I truly believe this is why my business has evolved at the rate it has. HONESTLY, my business is where it is at today, not because of anything special… but because I burned my boats a long time ago… the boats that could take me back to comfortland and instead I was forced to move into a state of progress over perfection. This really is where I have seen the fruits of my labor paying off.

I’ve worked with many women over the past few years and I can tell you that the ones who have made the greatest progress and are achieving a more bountiful harvest, are the ones that have burned their boats and are forced to move past perfection – for they have no other choice but to make it work.

I’m not suggesting this is the right thing to do in everyone’s position but to highlight that true progress happens when perfection is pushed out of the way because it’s no longer #1… and for many of us, the only way to push perfection out of the way is to create a goal or a deadline where in your mind, there is no other option but to meet said goal.

The next time you find yourself getting caught up on things that you think are oh so important, ask yourself if you are focusing on progress or perfection? I can tell you that the more you focus on progress, the more perfect things will eventually become. And if nothing but absolute perfection will do to move you forward, what is it costing you to try to accomplish this on your own? Perhaps its time to seek out a professional to move you past this block and back into a state of progress.

Progress Over Perfection

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