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“Ambitiously Simple”


Anyone who knows me knows that I mostly love and desire a very simple life. This is quite strange because it doesn’t seem to align with the level of ambition I have on many levels. I’ve now met many “ambitiously simple” women over the years and can say that there are many people out there who wish to test their potential but truly love living minimally or simply, or giving the fruits of their labour to others. Life to them is more about experiences, giving back, or seeing their potential come to life, vs what ambition brings them from a material perspective.

It is ok to be both ambitious and desire a simple life.  It is also ok to be ambitious and desire a highly materialistic life.  We also need to be aware that creating even a simple life often must be achieved with great ambition – it certainly doesn’t mean that you “get off the hook” from holding yourself and your business accountable.

One of my greatest dreams is to have a small outdoor cottage in the middle of a field as an office, with mini donkeys roaming around indoors and outdoors freely! So much happiness comes from this idea. Be it “simple” in my mind, it will take great ambition to achieve! I look forward to one day showing you the reality of this dream!

Another dream I have, that many would consider to be very luxurious, is my own home spa. I’m a complete spa junky and even went to school for it. Wherever we go, I love to test out the spa. I’ve always had a dream of creating my own outdoor home spa that I can share with family and friends. My husband, Mark loves saunas so he certainly is more behind this idea vs the donkeys!!

A third dream I have is to be able to give more to women who have had much less opportunity than myself, to help them start businesses and create a future.

What kind of lifestyle motivates you? Do you call it simple? Luxurious? Materialistic? Humanitarian? Other?

“Ambitiously Simple”

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  1. Sarah says:

    A simple life filled with many fun tasks! Land filled with great vegetable gardens, large greenhouses filled with greens and flowers, and animals all around. Endless amout of work with no strict deadlines! Always something to do but always time for break when needed! Never being forced to wake up every day to an alarm to get to work on time.

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