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Where Gratitude Grows


Pregnancy, Business, and the year 2020

At the start of my pregnancy, I envisioned a nice, easy going summer with long days spent at the lake and a protruding belly catching the rays – sipping blissfully from a never-ending iced tea. Never did we anticipate that the year we brought a life into this world a global pandemic was just around the corner. Never did I anticipate that my pregnancy would be spent working my tailbone off in order to repair a giant whole in our finances caused by Covid. 

I also wasn’t expecting the “awakening” of 2020. In any other year, I could have easily slipped into the sourness that comes with burnout and swollen feet, but once we were able to be back in business, gratitude for my work, my clients, my business poured out of me like I’ve never felt before. And with that, I discovered, was where abundance started to flow and the healing of our business began. 

This past summer has been one of my favourite summers on record and not for all the typical summer story reasons. It’s taught me of the value in having people to miss, to have clients to adore on and spoil, to have a place of work that is uplifting to be in, to have financial peace vs a need to constantly be building, to have mental health, to have a support system. It’s taught me a lot more than sitting by a lake sipping iced tea ever could, and for that I am grateful. 

It’s so easy to be tempted into a life that isn’t what we really want or need just to show that we are capable of achieving it… when really all we really need and truly desire, the deep beauty of life, is often already there.  It’s taught me that abundance truly flows when we are in a state of gratitude for the things we already have vs the things we long for. It’s taught me that if you’re super intentional, you really can fit summer into just a few days (not that I ever wish to do that again!)!  

I know that one day we will be talking with our little one about the year they came into the world and all that we learned. Gratitude will forever be the theme of 2020 for me and I hope to take it with me in all that I do moving forward. 

I recognize that for many, it is difficult to view this past year through rose coloured glasses in any way, and I just want to say that if this is you, I see you and I can also relate to the struggle 2020 has been oh so well.

A big thank you to Wildflower Photo + Film for the images you see above!

Where Gratitude Grows

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