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Fashion choices…


I am by no means perfect when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle but as I get older, I buy much more slowly and more thoughtfully than I did years ago!  When it comes to fashion choices, I find myself influenced more and more by the following questions… I typically also find myself choosing my clothing in this order…

  1. Is this a consciously produced label that supports and encourages diversity/inclusivity and openly demonstrates how they minimize their footprint on Mother Nature? Do they pay fair living wages to their employees/ are conscious about the production chain and those they support? Do they give back? 
  • When I find a brand that hits all these points, I know they’ve got their target audience (me) in the palm of their hand and I’m theirs from then on! I’ve highlighted one of my favourite discovered brands EVER in the images below that checks all these boxes.   
  1. How long will this item last me?
  • When we are young, its difficult to justify a $75 item of clothing let alone a $300 one. But as we get older, quality over quantity really does start to sink in!  Whenever I buy a piece of clothing, if it isn’t from a brand that is as openly sustainable as others, I ask myself how long it will last me. The longer we can keep clothing out of landfills and on our bodies, the less that will be made overall due to a weakened demand. Some of the staples in my closet I have been wearing for 5 years or more now and still look brand new. To me it was worth the investment for the long run for both my finances and for the environment.
  1. Am I supporting a local, small business?
  • Supporting local and small is and always will be close to my heart. I know how much it means to have someone purchase an item from a small business vs going to a big online company or to box stores.  It helps to keep money moving within a community and also helps to grow the personality and lifestyle of the area in which we live.
  1. Is this or could I get this used or preloved?
  • Thanks to some great influences in my life (like my friend and former employee, Candace in the images below) I have discovered the magic of previously loved clothing. I’ve always adored antique shopping but it wasn’t until I met friends who had pure love for thrifted clothing that I also discovered this route too. The only challenge for me is that I often have a hard time finding pieces that I want to wear for years and years this way, but if I’m in the mood for something trendy or fun for a special occasion that I could perhaps add to our studio wardrobe after, this is definitely a route I love to look into!

Featured Brand: Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is designed and made in Los Angeles and are very open and also educative on all areas of their business, the fashion industry, sustainable living, and giving back.  I initially fell in love with this company for their beautiful designs that came from “end of the roll” fabric that would have just ended up in landfills.  As they have grown they have taken on a “Farm to Closet” initiative that is beyond inspiring and you can find more information about their efforts here.

Candace wearing the “Delphine” dress by Christy Dawn

 I’ve learned so much from following them about the impacts of the fashion industry and also the makings of an incredible and meaningful brand/ business. Be sure to check out some of the education they have on their site such as this Slow Fashion Glossary:

I own 4 of the “Dawn” dresses that have been perfect for work, life, and now motherhood. I just said to my husband yesterday that this dress is literally the dress for life, which is why I have 4!  I’ve also gifted a couple of Christy Dawn dresses like the one Candace is wearing. They truly are a business you can feel great about supporting but also beautiful while wearing!

Emily wearing the “Dawn” dress by Christy Dawn

Fashion choices…

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