Why Not Now? 8 Reasons to Go For It


2020 has been a year of all years! It has stripped us down and built us up in ways that none of us saw coming. Many people have had to say goodbye, put on the backburner, or shift their dreams and pursuits.  Many have “awoken” to a new sense of obligation, identity, purpose, or passion. Most importantly, it has shown us that life is short, unpredictable, that if we see needed change it is up to us to make it happen, and that real happiness lies in what we used to think of as very simple/guaranteed things.

What 2020 has also given us the opportunity for personal reflection. You might be feeling a newfound energy, curiosity, sense of adventure, or interest. You may also be seeing opportunity where there wasn’t one before. Here are 8 reasons why you should “go for it” on that thing you’ve been aching to do/experience/achieve/pursue as we round the corner of Fall 2020.

  1. Anything goes in 2020 – if you need to close a door or open a new one, honestly anything goes – we are all expecting shifts within ourselves and each other this year!
  2. Online learning and connection has never been more accessible, diverse, needed nor wanted, as it has been in 2020!
  3. When we are challenged we are humbled. And from a humbled standpoint is where we see what is truly important. What you are being called for now is likely what you’ve been meant for all along. Answer the call.
  4. If you fail, who cares. Honestly, no one ever really cared – but in 2020, if you fail at something, the bar of expectation is low, which makes any achievement an amazing one!
  5. Money. This might not be the case for everyone but many people have more money on their hands than ever before. This might not be you, but it could very well be your target audience. With cancelled trips and a lack of shopping excursions, many people’s bank accounts are piling up just waiting to find something special and valuable to spend it on! Don’t think for a second that everyone is in a financial pitfall due to 2020, for some it has been a year of savings like never before!
  6. Time. Just as with money, some people have more time on their hands than ever before. Perhaps what you offer will fill the void in ways so meaningful and inspiring that it allows them something to hold onto and to cherish to help make this time a more meaningful one!
  7. The world is looking for leaders. When trouble arises, we look to those with a vision that we can hold onto, that we believe in, that we can trust. Like a ship out in a tossing sea, a crew looks to a captain for reassurance and a keen sense of direction. If you are being called to lead. LEAD. And do so boldly and bravely!
  8. You are so deserving, take it.  This past year has been a trip. You are so deserving of everything you have put your heart and soul into. Just because someone else might be suffering does not mean you have to lay down and sacrifice your happiness alongside them. Instead, give yourself the glory of the opportunities/success in front of you and be grateful. Reach out and take hold of them. Trust me, you will be far more help to those around you when you take what you deserve as your cup will overflow onto them.
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Why Not Now? 8 Reasons to Go For It

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  1. Frieda says:

    Your energy and talent is motivational, empowering and refreshing.

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