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Welcome! I am so happy that you have found your way to the SHE Business & Lifestyle Blog! I hope that you will find SHE to be a positive and eagerly welcomed addition to your monthly digestion of life and business materials! I thought I would kick off this blog with a little post about SHE, and why this platform was created. 



SHE will be an ongoing, evolving platform that will serve and reach a wide audience, predominantly of the minority when it comes to business – women and those who identify as womenHowever men, if you feel drawn to this platform, I commend you and you are welcome here  

SHE will connect, speak to, and inspire ambitious women in business from all walks of life in pursuit of their dreams, and will celebrate/highlight individuals that I feel are amazing role modelsSHE will also encourage the cultivation of a personally chosen LIFESTYLE as the driving force of a business.  VALUE will always be at the centre point of everything I wish to stand for and encourage with SHE – value for your business, value for your life.  SHE will also connect women to opportunities of mentorship, coaching, resources, and ongoing support in life & business.  

The most important lesson I have confronted (still am working diligently to achieve) and which I so desperately see others in need of, is the building of a business that works in harmony with the life you wish to live. A lack of value, lack of understanding around business, disconnection with passion or curiosity, avoidance, lack of dreaming, a constant need to sacrifice, and unawareness are just a few blocks I see standing in the way of many women achieving the life they wish to live. I hear from so many women with talent and passion up the wazoo who are stuck in first gear and so desperately wish to experience a smoother and less screechy ride! 

Image by Lauren Kurc

I hope that through being connected with SHE, you will find more and more keys that will continue to unlock answers you never knew you needed. Keys towards achieving a sense of total satisfaction and fulfillment within your life and business as well as unlocking potential you never knew you had. 

“Show Her Empowerment” is all about stepping into the life and person you were always meant for, which encourages others with the confidence and bravery to do the same.   

 About Me 

Who am I? You’ve probably determined by now that my name is, Emily and I’m often known as “Emily Jane” thanks to the success of my women’s portraiture business, Emily Jane Photography. I am also the founder of White Willow Bridal Boutique, a contemporary bridal boutique in northern BC and have been a mentor to women in business over the last three years. My businesses have my life’s blood inside of them, and yet to be determined – possibly a kidney…  Through my experience as a dance teacher, photographer, business owner, mentor, and just through “being human” in every sense of the word, I’ve learned a TONNE about business, about people, about myself, about humility, compassion, drive, determination, motivation – you name it, it’s been confronted but I still am on a journey of the lifelong student. 

Mentorship, coaching, and counselling have been tools that I have sought out over the years that have really moved the needle in my life and business.  I’m a firm believer that the only way around is through, and often the shortest distance between two points is with the guidance of someone who has either done the work before you, or has the tools needed to properly guide and point you in the right direction.   


Emily Jane Photography and White Willow Bridal Boutique are nestled into the top studio of the iconic, Twisted Cork building downtown Prince George, BC

Welcome to SHE!

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Meet Emily

I’m a small-town girl with big dreams and a passion for empowering women to create businesses that support the life they deserve. Pursuing your calling should never be an isolating endeavor, so I’m here to provide you with all the encouragement, guidance, tools and reassurance you desire on your path to success. From impactful biz tips and inspiring stories of success to favourite sweats to rock in the home office, I’m grateful for this SHE community, and invite you to join us!